I’m here to stay, but aren’t we all?

Hi there, readers, stumblers, cruisers and Googlers! Pour yourself a nice cup of whatever you drink. I won’t ask if you won’t. Grab a snack and put on your headphones. Because TorsoTalks has more than 13 stories to tell.

About TorsoTalks

Our minds are an enigma. The secretive, convincing, and conniving presence in our body. A puppeteer under the influence of unresolved conflicts rooted in ideals and principles that date back to the genesis. It does a great job putting a veil between you and everything that makes up to ahead. Words that must come out of our mouths, they never do. Blame it on the veil. Things you need to digest will never make it past your pupils. Blame it on the veil again. What if you’re are a headless person who lets your arms and limbs and toenails do talking? Wouldn’t you be a talking torso? Would that be such a bad thing?

TorsoTalks is exactly that. A space that celebrates creation, any kind of creation that is unabashedly, unnervingly and annoyingly raw. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a scholar or day dweller, you will find a part of you in here.

About the writer

She is a writer, a literary spawn and an amateur-everything who is currently working as a copywriter at Changing Tree. She did her bachelor’s in engineering from Avinashilingam University, Coimbatore, India. She is currently pushing 26 and a master’s degree in Marketing and Communications from Vilnius University, Lithuania.



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